Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Petition Drive Update

So far 52 people have signed our petition demanding that all of the disciplinary actions taken against Marquette Dental Student Theodore Schrubbe be overturned, but given all the traffic that is coming into 1832 right now, we really should have more. If you haven't signed the petition yet, please take the time to do so.

In addition, the petition has now been endorsed by the following groups/blogs: Marquette College Democrats, Marquette College Republicans, 1832, The Warrior Blog, Leaning Blue, Brewtown Politico, GOP3.com, Adam Chernow's Blog, The Office of Homeland Security and
Eminent Domain.

In related news, Slashdot.com has picked up the story:

whiteSanjuro writes "Reported first by the bloggers, and now the mainstream press, is a story of a student being suspended by his university for the rest of the academic year because of entries in the student's blog which the university did not view favorably. It has already had some chilling effects and looks like it will be setting a standard that students at private universities aren't guaranteed free speech online. The student (who wishes to remain anonymous) is appealing the university's decision in an effort to remain in classes and finish out the current semester, but even the terms of re-admittance (pdf) leave the blogger subject to probation, minus a scholarship, and prohibit future free blogging. Perhaps now is the time to consider joining the EFF if you attend a private university and have a blog."
In addition to our petition, please join the EFF as well.