Sunday, December 04, 2005

Marquette Declares War On Bloggers and Free Speech on the Internet

Dr. McAdams' Blog is reporting that a Marquette Dental Student has been suspended over his personal blog posts that were apparently critical of a Dental School professor, of his second-year dental school class and over a few posts that detailed a few nights of drinking. (The site has since been taken down)

So this either means my letter of dismissal either got lost in the mail or is on its way.....

According to Dr. McAdams, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Denis Lynch:

"wrote the student a letter (dated November 2, 2005) accusing him of "crude, demeaning and unprofessional remarks"” that "“violate standards of acceptable behavior as described in the Standards of Conduct, published in At Marquette (2005-2006, pages 209-211), as well as the School of Dentistry's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. . . .

Lynch then went on and claimed that the student had violated Section IV, Subsection E of the Marquette Dental School Code. He offered the student the option of signing "“an admission of guilt" and accepting a punishment that included probation for the rest of the student'’s Marquette career, making a public apology to his dental school class, and making an appointment with the Director of the Marquette University Counseling Center "“to assess both your alcohol abuse and the underlying basis of your remarks posted on your blog site."

The entire letter from Marquette can be found here.

So beware to Marquette Students who are on facebook, post messages on message boards, have a blog or an online journal, you too could be next! So we all better go and delete our membership to facebook groups or any entries of any kind that are critical of Marquette in general and/or Marquette Professors and/or other Marquette Students. Oh and I guess this means I better remove the picture of me doing a beer bong too!

(I'm actually serious about the above items. If this decision is allowed to stand, the University's power to take action against you for anything you say online is seemingly limitless)

From now on all blog entries on 1832 will begin by proclaiming, "Thank you God,for giving me the privilege of attending a University with a student body, and a faculty and staff, that are all worthy of Sainthood...."

Our first entry will be: "Pam Peters, "Marquette's own Dorothy Day?" Which will then be followed by: "Joseph Kastner, "Most Likely Marquette Student To End Racism and Bring Peace to the Middle East?" we then reveal: "The Warrior: A Publication Written By the Divinely Inspired" but our post of the year will surely be: "Late Night Marquette: What were we thinking before?!?! LATE NIGHT RULES!"

In case you want to thank Associate Dean Denis Lynch personally, you may contact him at:

Phone: 414-288-7485

Click here to view his webpage