Thursday, December 01, 2005

Swinging Back at GOP3.com (and Connecting)

Wow. It appears as though my last post on 1832 struck a bit of a nerve over at GOP3.com. I had no idea that my tongue-in-cheek exercise in procrastination would generate an entire article on their site, especially because I’d categorize my response to The Warrior as largely positive. That said…

Yes, our traffic jumps through the roof when we talk about The Warrior. “Desperate for traffic” might be a bit of an overstatement, though – we have no advertisers and no competition, at least in terms of other left-leaning blogs on campus, so thus, we have no reason for desperation. The increases in traffic are purely for excitement. No offense to those who write or enjoy pieces on state politics, but I’d much rather argue about The Warrior or other campus issues than gubernatorial primaries or Peg Lautenschlager’s driving record. Look at the comments on our respective sites – I think our readers agree.

-I never attributed Kastner’s statements to Sroka. If you click on the links in that sentence, the first is what Kastner said, and the second is Bray’s response. The “you” pronoun I used was directed at Kastner, not Sroka, and I apologize if this was unclear.

However, she did write about the “unfortunate effect of a campus culture in which…an outspoken student is considered a bigot.” Kastner’s McCarthy-ist posts calling out members of the Muslim and Arab student associations based solely on their heritage, and the outrage that followed, was the most prominent example of an outspoken student being considered a bigot this semester.

-Concerning Henak’s employment status, my information was current as of October 21st, as on that day, he wrote that he currently works as a consultant at Miller Brewing Company. Perhaps “I work as a consultant for a firm whose current client is Miller Brewing Company” would have been a bit more accurate.

I know how this works. This summer, I worked as a consultant for Wells Fargo. And although my check didn’t say Wells on it, I parked in their ramp, wore one of their ID badges, used their computers, and worked alongside their direct employees. I might go as far as to say that as a consultant, I owed my position to the continued positive performance of Wells Fargo. Odds are that Henak’s terms of employment are similar, and that he stands to gain from increased consumer interest in Miller products. Unless, of course, he’s off the account. Let us know, will you?

Lastly, I’d like to say that I didn’t mean to start some sort of war between 1832 and all entities Red on campus – the “thesis” of my post, if you will, praised The Warrior’s current issue, and most of my jabs were pretty lighthearted and good-natured. Simple misunderstandings do not equal "blatant lies". I’m not going to take this too seriously, and I suggest you do the same.