Thursday, December 08, 2005

Student Senate to Vote Today on Resolution to Protect Free Speech

According to a friend of mine who is close to MUSG, the Student Life Committee has approved a resolution that condemns the Dental School's decision to suspend a student over the contents of his blog and that a "student bill of rights" is also on the table.

The Student Senate will vote on the resolution and discuss a possible "student bill of rights" tonight at 7:30pm in AMU room 227.

A "student bill of rights" or MUSG resolutions that further protect students right to free speech on and off campus is something that I have long advocated for. I just find it sad that an event such as this, is what forced to the table.

Marquette College Democrats, Marquette College Republicans, The Warrior Blog, GOP3.com, 1832 and even my old Students for Dean group have long warned that Marquette student's freedom of expression has been under attack by the administration--the time for change is now.