Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Some People Should Not Be Parents

My stomach turned when I read that Jason Strickland, a 31 year old auto mechanic, was appealing to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to keep his stepdaughter alive. Haliegh Strickland has been comatose, and on life support since September.

The man trying to keep her alive is allegedly the reason she is in the hospital barely clinging to life. Police charged Strickland with beating Haliegh. Those charges will be upgraded to murder if Haliegh is taken off of life support.

It makes me so sick. Strickland never officially adopted Haliegh, but because he lived with her for four years and took on a fatherly role, he should be viewed as her de facto parent. Thus, he believes he should have the right to decide when she is taken off of life support. What gets me is that she wouldn’t need the life support had he acted like a parent ought to act. He should have been loving, and caring, and protective of this girl that now, when his own life is at stake, views as his daughter. This is so incredibly selfish. He only wants to protect himself. I am glad that his case has little legal merit in that he never officially adopted Haliegh, and therefore will probably not win his appeal.