Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Petition makes it way up to #2 petition on iPetitions, TuckerMax.com reports on "Dental-gate"

The petition started by 1832 to reinstate Marquette Dental Student Theodore Schrubbe and have all disciplinary action taken against him overturned has already jumped to the #2 petition of the day on www.ipetitions.com:

today's Top Petitions:
1. Save Movies at Spangenberg Theatre
2. Protect MU Students Free Speech Rights
3. Save Al-Mansuri Family and their little Canadian D
4. Oprah Winfrey for Nobel Peace Prize
5. Start a bar for Homophobes in Baie-Comeau!
However, don't take this to mean we don't need more people to sign it! Please take the time to sign the petition and forward it to anyone you know!

For those of you with more time, we also encourage you to email or call Associate Dean Denis Lnych's office at:


Phone: 414-288-7485

Click here to view his webpage

In related TuckerMax.com, who received a lot of notoriety for posting about his drunken escapades while at Duke Law School, has also reported on and condemned the suspension of Theodore Schrubbe.