Thursday, December 08, 2005

Last Day To Sign The Petition To Protect Free Speech!

Please take the time to sign this petition if you have not done so already and forward it to all of your friends!

1832 will deliver the petition to Dental School tomorrow between 8am-9am to make sure it gets in before the appeal hearing.

Thanks to all of your efforts the petition jumped from the #2 petition to the #1 spot today on www.ipetitions.com:

1. Protect MU Students Free Speech Rights
2. Start a bar for Homophobes in Baie-Comeau!
3. Help Fix the RIT Residential Mealplans
4. Support the Yale-New Haven Cancer Center
5. Save Al-Mansuri Family and their little Canadian D

Lets mare sure it says #1!

Also if you have time please contact the following Marquette officials and let them know what you think:

Dr. Denis Lynch: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Contact Dr. Lynch via email at: denis.lynch@marquette.edu

Contact Dr. Lynch on the phone at: 414-288-7485

Dr. Anthony Ziebert: Chairman of Department of General Dental Sciences

Contact Dr. Ziebert via email at: anthony.ziebert@marquette.edu

Contact Dr. Ziebert on the phone at: 414-288-3704