Thursday, December 01, 2005

1832 refutes another false GOP3.com claim

Wow today has been a busy day.... Today Mr. Suhr at GOP3.com made this false claim about the Marquette College Democrats T-Shirts:

The College Democrats at Marquette University website, www.MUDemocrats.com, recently came back online. Among its very few and pathetic features are the meeting minutes for their gatherings:

September 6: “T-Shirts: T-Shirts have not yet been ordered, although 5 designs have been approved by OSD. The estimated price is $10, and a signup sheet went around for those interested. The approved designs will be at the next meeting.

September 20: “T-Shirts: Noelle passed the designs around, and the slogan "Whoever heard of a nice piece of elephant?"’ was chosen. Those interested signed up and put their sizes on a sheet.

November 30: Website comes online. I see this, recall a GOP3.com post, and my interest is perked. I email OSD. An official from OSD informs me that the t-shirt design mentioned above was not approved by OSD.

These certainly less-than-classy sexually-suggestive non-OSD-approved CDs official t-shirts can be ordered online still.

I don't know who Mr. Suhr's unnamed source in OSD was but here is Kelly Behmer's email to Marquette College Democrats that gave them approval for them to use any of the proposed T-Shirt designs:

From: Behmer, Kelly
Sent: Tue 8/30/2005 8:05 AM
To: Gilbreath, Noelle
Subject: Re: tshirts

They look fine. I'd ask you to just think a bit about the elephant quote, but it would work if that is what your group decides. If I could just take a look at them first if you are including anything other than the text below. Finally, could you bring a hard copy into our office for your file and a stamp that would be helpful.