Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Xoff Writes Pure Gold!

Xoff has written a work of art on his blog that gives insight into the minds of Congressman Mark Green and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker as they prepare to go head to head to be the Republican nominee for Governor. Below are the opening few lines from X0ff's depiction of a call between Green and Walker:

Republican governor hopefuls Scott Walker and Mark Green held their first real debate this week on taxes and spending. It was on a private phone call, but fortunately the CIA, acting under its Patriot Act authority, had tapped it and prepared a transcript, and a White House staffer was more than happy to leak it.

GREEN: Hello, Congressman Green here.

WALKER: Hi, Mark, it's Scott Walker.

GREEN: Good to hear from you, Scooter. How are things in Milwaukee?

WALKER: I've asked you before not to call me Scooter.

GREEN: Sorry, it just slipped out. Hope that doesn't happen in the campaign. What's on your mind?

WALKER: It's the budget reconciliation bill that's up in the House this week.

GREEN: Yeah, pretty cool, huh? We're trying to cut $54-billion dollars from Medicaid, food stamps, child support, student aid, and some of those other wasteful, liberal, bleeding heart programs that are nothing more than social engineering. That'll make sure we have enough money to give that $70 billion in new tax cuts to the rich.
Please read the rest on Xoff's blog.