Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"The Warrior" further proof MUCR's are out of the mainstream

Today the Marquette College Republicans relaunched their little right-wing rant of a newspaper and gop3.com proclaimed, "We hope the left on campus has a heart attack when they see it."

AHH! Chest pains! I think I'm having a heart attack! BELCHHH! Nevermind, I guess it was just a little heartburn from my nacho cheese dip.

In all seriousness I came closer to dying from choking to death on a manny's nacho chip from laughing so hard when I saw that the whinny Republicans on campus decided to relaunch their complete failure of a publication from last year (did it even make it past one issue?). If the news that they were starting the publication wasn't cause for enough laughter, the picture of their staff has to be one of the most ridiculous promotional photos I have ever seen. I don't know who did the "warrior" facepaint, but it makes them look more like cute little mice with whiskers than "warriors". I don't even think I need to even discuss in detail how this picture illustrates perfectly why Marquette will never be "Warriors" ever again, just look at the picture:

But guess what? The laughs don't stop there! Check this very intelligent graphic by Brandon Henak, The Warrior Business Manager and blogger for GOP3.com:

Yeah that's "Freedom" on the "Y" axis and "Time" on the "X" axis.... I'm seriously thinking about sending this into Jay Leno's Headlines.

Ok... I've stopped laughing now and I could go on and on about the stupidity in the articles, but I really might die laughing if I keep reading them (so read them for youself at your own risk) and I need to get back to my point for writing this: The Warrior is only further proof that the Marquette College Republicans are out of the mainstream of Marquette.

Why? In 2000 Al Gore won Marquette's campus by 863 votes and two of the Marquette wards were Bush wins. And what happened on this day in 2004? With the help of a stronger and better organized Marquette College Democrats and a more liberal student body John Kerry won the Marquette campus by 2,361 votes and in doing so won every single Marquette ward.

Thats a swing of almost 1,500 votes

So should it surprise you that the College Republicans are trying to prevent liberal leaning students from voting through moronic "voter id" bills? Does it surprise you that they scream bloody murder that the Marquette Tribune is liberal? Does it surprise you that they whine that the administration is so liberal that they are out to get College Republicans? Given the fact that their claims of intentional oppression by the University are false (liberals have had just as much if not more trouble with OSD than MUCRs), the answer is it shouldn't.

The actions of the Marquette College Republicans in the last year are acts of desperation. They are desperate because the fact is that College Republicans is now a fringe student group at Marquette and will only become more of an group of outcasts as Marquette continues to attract a student body that is not only superior academically but more diverse racially.

Don't believe me? According to an inside source (who wishes to remain anonymous) who has connections with the various people in the Marquette administration says that a political survey of the current freshman class (which is also its most diverse and brightest class to date) show that this class identifies itself as liberal or democrat as opposed to conservative or republican (which also explains why MUCD's membership is way way up).

Another problem with the publication is they try to masquerade it around as merely an "independent-run student publication", which it clearly is not. If it was truly an independent paper set up to run stories without bias and stories that the Marquette Tribune cannot write because of its affiliation with the University I wouldn't have a real issue with it. But that's not what it sets out to do, The Warrior is clearly nothing more than a right-wing propaganda piece as almost every news article contained in it not only completely lacks objectivity but at multiple points the articles inject purely republican talking points and liberal bashing right into the article (visit www.thewarrior.org and read the articles for yourself). However, at no point in either the print or the online version of The Warrior does it state that it is a conservative paper.

Furthering this huge propaganda lie is this fun disclaimer statement found on the inside of the

Does anyone really believe that all the funding for this paper is coming from "advertisers"? The first issue had what three ads? I'm sure that doesn't cover their start up costs... In fact I am almost certain that the start up costs came from Marquette College Republicans either directly or that MUCRs made arrangements to get the funding from a number of well-funded conservative groups such as the Collegiate Network or others.

The Marquette Tribune editorial board may be liberal, but the writing in the news sections at least sets out to try to be objective. The Warrior could careless about objectivity as its sole purpose is to attempt to feed Republican talking points into the minds of students by hiding under the headings of an "independent" and/or an "alternative" newspaper. I think the Marquette student body is smart enough to figure out that this paper isn't real news and anyone with a brain won't read it, leaving only the outcasted membership of Marquette College Republicans as its readership.

So The Warrior is really nothing more than an act of desperation, as Marquette will probably never return to the conservative all white male Republican-utopia that it once was. It is a publication that furthers their collective denial that anyone at Marquette even gives a damn what they think or what they want to whine about today or tomorrow or any other point in the future.