Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Voters to Right-wingers: Please Exit Stage Right!

Democrats have pulled off victories in races where Republicans used incredibly nasty personal attacks (Kilgore attacked Kaine’s Catholic faith and Forrester went after Corzine and his family) and it appears even attempted to cheat by tampering with touch voting machines in Virginia.

What makes these victories all more exciting for Democrats is that Virginia has been a Republican strong hold for years and it voted overwhelmingly for President Bush last November, yet Tim Kaine, with the help of current Governor and potential 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate Mark Warner, were able to defeat Republican Jerry Kilgore and President Bush. This was a battle of money, organization and star power, and the Democrats won on all fronts. As much as I like Senator Evan Bayh from Indiana, Mark Warner has now proven that he has the star power win states in the south.

In New Jersey, Republicans had a real opportunity to make headway into a traditionally blue state where voters have had it with the corruption by the local Democrats, but I guess the voters in NJ, like the general population, have had it more with Republicans.

In St. Paul, MN, in race I had almost forgotten about, Democrat Chris Coleman defeated Democratic Mayor Randy Kelly over Kelly’s endorsement of President Bush last year.

The message from these elections is clear: If you are a Republican or a supporter of President Bush please exit stage right.