Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Senate Rule 21: Harry Reid you are brilliant!

The unity, the guts, and the cleverness displayed by the Democratic Party of late has been nothing short of remarkable. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's decision to close the doors of the Senate using Senate Rule 21 and force the republicans in the Senate to address the manipulation of this nation into war is the latest sign that the Democratic Party may have found its brain and its spine and actually figured out a way to connect the two.

Harry Reid's gusty actions basically say, "The American public wants answers and we are going to drag the republicans kicking and screaming into the Senate chambers and lock them in until we get them!"

A recent Milwaukee Journal Senitnel Editorial which apologized for its part in furthering the administration's "duping" puts the question best:

So there it is - with an addendum. We take responsibility for being duped on the matter of WMD - and still arguing against war - but at what point will those doing the duping be held accountable for taking us to war? Two thousand U.S. dead - and up to 30,000 Iraqi dead - and still counting.

Thanks to Senator Harry Reid that "point" may be soon.

And the right-wing nut jobs thought the "nuclear option" was the Senate rule play of the year. Well newsflash, Democrats can still filibuster Scalito and Harry Reid just forced the republicans into appointing a bipartisan committee to oversee the progress of the "Phase 2" probe.

The Bush administration is going to be facing tough questions for a long, long time.