Thursday, November 17, 2005

President Bush's Disapproval Rating Approaching Nixon

From the MYDD Blog:

Harris has some rancid new numbers for Bush: 34% approve, 65% disapprove. Although technically it is 34% positive and 65% negative, the 31-point gap equals the worst approval poll faced by any President since Nixon. Check it out:
Poll   President App    Dis     Date

Harris Bush Jr 34 65 11/05

Gallup Bush Sr 29 60 06/92

Gallup Carter 28 59 06/79

Gallup Nixon 24 66 08/74
65% negative / disapprove also ties Bush with Nixon for the third highest disapproval ever recorded by a sitting President. Only Nixon's 66 in his final approval poll, and Truman's 67 in early January of 1952, were worse.

Can you say "lame duck"? I expected President Bush's approval ratings to continue to fall after Hurricane Katrina, but I never expected it to fall this fast, this soon. I guess the public isn't falling for the GOP's pointless "campaign" style attack on Democrats or the empty remarks President Bush made when he politicized Veteran's Day.

The way things are going President Bush will own the highest disapproval rating by a sitting President before the end of the year.

In fact, I'm willing to bet on it.

RMW I'm already anxiously awaiting your wager that it won't.