Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yesterday voters in California stood up and said no to the Governator's right-wing-year or reform-waste-of-time-and-money agenda by not only voting NO on all four of the propositions he brought to the ballot in this special election (Props 74,75,76,77).

Voters in California stood up and declared teachers are not the problem with our education system and instead delcared they are the solution, by voting against proposition 74, which would have increased the number of years a teacher would have to work before they can become tenured.

Voters in California stood up and declared that hard working government employees and unions are not what's wrong with government, and instead delcared politicians and failed public policy are, by voting against Proposition 75, which would have limited public employee unions ability to use union dues in political campaigns to fight for the jobs of their workers.

Voters in California stood up and declared our public schools need more funding, not less, by voting against Proposition 76 which would have capped funding for California Schools.

Voters in California also stood up and voted no on other right-wing propositions that found their way on this special election ballot and they stood up and said no big drug companies by voting no on Proposition 78 and voted no to limit a women's right to choose by voting no on Proposition 73.

(Yes I am leaving out my thoughts on Prop 77, which voters rejected, more on that later).

Governor Schwarzenegger pushed for this special election out of frustration that couldn't get these measures through the democratically elected representatives in the California legislature, implying that he knew the constituents of the state better than they. Well $50 million dollars and five months later, California voters proved the Governator to be nothing more than an arrogant fool who has approval ratings that are approaching that of recalled Governor Gray Davis.

Memo to the Governator: Please Refrain from Saying "I'll Be back" in 2006, the voters have indicated that you clearly won't.

Maybe California won't fall into the ocean after all.

I want to end with a shout out and thank you to the Secretary of State's office in California for making a java script application available to track the results from last nights election in real time, it was a great idea and I hope more states make similar applications available. It was a great relief to not have to sit here hitting "reload" every 5 min. last night.

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