Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GOP3's Brian Collar falls victim to Papa John's fraud despite our warning

Apparently Papa John's has decided to continue with their shameful and misleading promotional campaign despite having been exposed as such by 1832 last week, as Brian Collar from GOP3.com reports:

While walking home from class today, someone handed me a flyer advertising that Papa John'’s was giving away free medium pizzas from 12:00pm through 6:00pm today and tomorrow. The flyer stated that details about the free pizza were available at the Wells Street location.

Intrigued and hungry, I walked to Papa John'’s to see how I might obtain a free pizza. As I arrived there, I saw on a table to the right a stack of sign up forms for a particular credit card company. Thus, I discovered that in order to obtain a medium pizza, one needed to sign up for a credit card.

Free pizza must be the lamest (though quite clever) attempt to induce students to sign up for a credit card. I suggest students avoid signing up for a credit card for a free pizza, even if they intend not to use it. From what I understand, signing up for credit cards and then not using them may hurt an individual'’s credit report.

I'’m hungry for pizza now.

I'm going to give Papa John's District HQ a call later today or tomorrow and find out why they insist on continuing a promotional offer that is misleading and potentially harmful to the students that make up the bulk of their customer base.