Wednesday, November 30, 2005

From London to The Warrior

Part of the reason why things have been slower than usual around here at 1832 is because for the last week I was in London for some R&R and some sightseeing. It was my first trip to England and I was very impressed. London is amazing and I was impressed with the Tube and the extremely low level of poverty (I think I saw 3 homeless people the entire time I was there, which is remarkable for a city that size).

The highlights of the trip had to be the War Cabinet Rooms that Churchill used during WWII, which was absolutely amazing and the coach tour I took to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath.

London and the other parts of England that I saw more than lived up to my expectations and I can't wait to go back again someday! I even thought the British food was good! I had Bangers and Mash for my Thanksgiving dinner and it was excellent.

I got back into Milwaukee late last night and was greeted this morning by the newest edition of Marquette College Republican's publication called The Warrior.

The first thing that I noticed about The Warrior today is that like its one page "special issue" that went out before Thanksgiving break, their circulation seems to be way down from their first issue as I didn't see any of the Republicans passing it out during my class changes, saw very few people walking around with it, saw few people with a copy in the Library or in any of my classes, and as a result it took me awhile to find a discarded copy to pick up.

Their circulation seems to be down for a few reasons: 1) The paper has been rightfully discredited and exposed as a right-wing talking piece rather than a truly independent news source; 2) Its really cold out, which means few students are going to take the time to stop, remove their hands from their jacket pockets, and take a copy when they want to get indoors as quickly as possible; 3) The fact that its really cold out means fewer of the Republicans are willing to stand outside for a extended periods of time distributing their right-wing propaganda piece.

I must say that the second issue is very different from their first issue this semester. Surprisingly it seems that for this issue they actually reacted to a lot of the criticism of their publication and the result is an issue that I don't really have any serious objections with, at least with its reporting (the story on Katie Dorman who is suffering from lymphoma is touching and I hope she recovers) and the stories are not nearly as blatantly biased.

There is one thing that I have a serious objection and that is this Warrior staff photo that appears on page 3 of today's issue:

The Warrior is clearly either trying to make fun of the liberal-leaning organization at Marquette known as JUSTICE or it is trying to mislead people into thinking that JUSTICE supports The Warrior, which it most certainly does not (JUSTICE was one of the main organizations against the university changing the nickname back to "Warriors"). Furthermore, the link that is contained in the picture does not send you to the MU JUSTICE website, it simply redirects you to The Warrior website (Click here for the real MU JUSTICE website).

The fact that the College Republicans would actually buy a domain name of a liberal leaning student organization shows just how desperate and dirty they are willing to be to try to divert traffic to their publication's website and further proves they are more interested in provoking liberal students rather than engaging in civil debate. I wonder how they would react if I bought up MUCRS.com, marquetterepublicans.com, mustudents4life.com, mustudentsforlife.com, etc and had them redirect to 1832 or www.mudemocrats.com.

Needless to say it will be interesting to see how JUSTICE reacts to this.