Wednesday, September 21, 2005


In May we lost our very own Zach Corey to the LSAT for what was to be at least a one month sabbatical, and now the LSAT has consumed my life as well. As I prepare for the Oct 1st. LSAT, I leave this space to Zach, Becca, Weaves, Nick, and Kate and I am sure that they will all do a fine job.

Zach Corey will be temporarily given full administrator powers until my return. I'm sure everyone will fear his wrath as much as they did mine.

On Oct 2nd (If I am alive after drinking myself stupid after taking the LSAT on Oct 1st) 1832 will begin to undertake construction of its new blog and future home, www.CampusTavern.com, which will launch in mid to late October.

Until then... wish me luck and feel free to bring coffee and food to the silent study rooms on the second floor of Raynor near the bridge.... a hungry and sleep deprived future blood sucking lawyer will thank you kindly and promise not to sue your ass later on in life.