Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The "Governator" getting "TERMinated"

While I do not always like to admit it (the California recall election was/is one of the best examples of the the occasional collective stupidity that consumes California) I am originally from the Los Angeles area of the the 5th largest economy in the world. However, California seems to be recovering from the above mentioned lapse into collective stupidity as evidenced by Los Angeles recently electing democrat Antonio Villaraigosa (who I consider to be the West Coast's Barack Obama) as Mayor and as evidenced by these newly released poll numbers on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Both Potential Democratic candidates Phil Angelides and Steve Westly hold small leads over Schwarzenegger despite the fact that their name ID is no where near the astronomical level of the Governator:

43   Angelides

40 Schwarzenegger

42 Westly

39 Schwarzenegger

 Even more impressive are the downright awful re-elect numbers for the Actor turned Governor:
Re-elect Schwarzenegger?

Inclined Not Inclined

All 36 56

Dem 13 82

Ind 27 61

Rep 70 21

Male 40 52

Female 31 60

White 44 48

Latino 14 82

Other 25 63

Lib 12 83

Mod 29 62

Con 63 28
If the "Governator" looks like he is going to be "TERMinated" then chances are many other republicans are going to be "TERMinated" as well.