Monday, August 29, 2005

Murphy's is named Playboy's College Bar of the Month

I'm sure this made Father Wild's Day:

Hoops and beer have been two of the biggest pastimes for Marquette University students since legendary basketball coach Al McGuire first patrolled the sidelines in the '70s. Both passions come together at Murphy's Irish Pub, conveniently located just one block from Marquette's urban campus in Milwaukee and a little less than two miles from the Miller brewery.

The Scene: Murphy's unspectacular but spacious interior can accommodate plenty of thirsty students who go there to catch a game on one of the five televisions, play pool on the red velvet tables, down a few pitchers or do all three. "It's a friendly bar with a nice atmosphere," says Nick, a senior accounting major.

Above the long bar hang roughly 200 numbered mugs which students can lease for $15 a semester, making them members of the Mug Club. With $10 bottomless mug nights on Tuesdays, membership has its advantages. "It's good to have a bar with your own mug in it," explains Griff, a senior finance major. "Mine is number three."

Girls at the Bar: "The girls in here put the 'sin' in Wisconsin," says Adam, a recent education graduate. The talent level at Murphy's is impressive, and most Marquette girls can drink any West Coast Barbie doll under the table. "You see some pretty faces," says Joe, a senior business administration major. "Most college students would be happy here."

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