Friday, August 26, 2005

1832's Summer in Review: Part I

Welcome back to 1832! Just because 1832 took a break over the summer to travel, drink, party, and enjoy the summer sun, doesn’t mean that the Summer of 2005 wasn’t a summer worth commenting on. Here is Part I of 1832’s thoughts on some of the major news events of the summer (in no particular order):

Mark Felt is Deep Throat
Darn and all this time I believed that the blonde girl from Dawson’s Creek was Deep Throat. One question though: How can Pat Buchanan and the right wing seriously refer to Mark Felt, who leaked information regarding the CRIMINAL activities of the Nixon White House, but continues to defend and come up with excuses for Vice President Dick Cheney’s leaking the name of a CIA operative?

The Republican version of “crying wolf” is to cry, “VOTER FRAUD!”
I’m thinking about starting a pool on when Brain Collar of GOP3.com writes another blog entry about how he witnessed, first hand, massive voter fraud in Milwaukee during the 2004 election, despite the fact that the U.S. Attorney’s office investigation into the GOP claims, has concluded that no such cases occurred and were in fact “clerical errors”.

The NCAA is dumber than the Marquette Board of Trustees.
Just when you thought the Marquette “GOLD” was the dumbest thing you ever heard of, the NCAA decides to enter the nickname stupidity contest with its own asinine decision (which actually isn’t that surprising…. I don’t think the NCAA can go more than a month without doing something stupid).

Never, ever, tell a girl she is fat. Not even when being fat might KILL HER.
When a doctor can’t even say it you know the women in this country have completely lost it. On that note, here is a bit of advice to the freshman girls of Cobeen: BEWARE THE ICE CREAM BAR.

The National League West Stinks
They all really really suck. I’d place a million dollar bet that the St. Louis Cardinals could beat an NL West All-Star Team. Heck the best two baseball teams in the Western part of the United States are the Little League World Series teams from Hawaii and California

Pat Robertson has a different bible than the rest of us.
Really what is the difference between him and some Islamic fundamentalist calling for a Jihad on the United States?

When Republicans get angry, they show it by walking off and turning off microphones.
Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner gave Daily Show host John Stewart material for a month, only to be topped by Robert Novak’s outburst on CNN.

President Bush and I have something in common: We love Vacations.
I think he likes them more though. I find it amazing that he has already taken more vacation time than any other two-term President in history.

Be on the lookout for Part II later this weekend.