Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The Marquette Board of Trustees has announced that we are changing our name from the Marquette Golden Eagles to the Marquette GOLD.

Personally I could have cared less about whether we stayed the Golden Eagles or changed back to the Warriors. I had only hoped that Marquette would end the debate with their decision today. This decision does neither. It only invited more controversy on the matter and alienates another group of students and alumni from the University.

Marquette has succeeded in giving me no reason to ever give money to this institution. This decision tells the country that Marquette is home to the most idiotic administration ever assembled at a major university.

In retrospect I wish I had transferred to UW-Madison after the Kerry Campaign ended. Now the only purpose of going to this Catholic University is to have group prayers, praying that the piece of toilet paper with the Marquette logo on it that I receive when I graduate is worth enough to get me into a good law school.

USC, UW-Madison, UPENN, Columbia, Minnesota, Georgetown, and Boston College law schools, hear this: IF YOU ACCEPT ME I WILL ONLY DONATE LARGE SUMS OF MONEY TO MY LAW SCHOOL, you need not worry about competition.

GOP3.com has started a petition to have the Marquette students decide a new mascot. 1832 fully endorses this petition:

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