Sunday, April 17, 2005


On Friday I met with Dr. McCarthy of OSD regarding 1832's petition to have Pam Peters fired and our overall desire to force drastic changes upon the Office of Student Development in its relations with student organizations.

In order for the conversation to proceed in a productive manner, I had to agree to keep some of the details of our meeting private. After having the meeting, I left feeling that some of the conversation was productive and other parts were not all that productive. However, I can tell you this: the Office of Student Development does realize that their policies and procedures were not prepared for a student body that has become this politically active and they will be making some changes to them for the next academic year.

One of my proposals was to merge segments of the Student Handbook, the Student Organization Handbook, and the MUSG constitution into one document, or a "Students Bill of Rights", to remove confusion and contradiction between them and to possibly add additional rights that are not currently contained in any of them. This idea was received fairly well by the Office of Student Development and it is something that I will personally look into. In the next week or so I will merge these documents together to form one uniform document and then I will ask for suggestions from readers of 1832 and GOP3.com with regards to additional rights that could be added to it.

Lastly, it became pretty clear from my conversation that Pam Peters will most likely not be fired as a result of our current petition effort. However, the petition will remain online until the end of the semester as stated in the petition form.

From my comments I think that it is clear that we must continue to keep pressure on the Office of Student Development to make the positive changes that are needed in order to better the students and student organizations of Marquette. It is my hope that Marquette College Democrats and Marquette College Republicans (and other organizations) will continue to work together on this issue and I am very grateful for the support that College Republicans has given thus far.