Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Correction and Change to previous post

After talking with several people, I decided to remove Jon Dooley from the entry titled "Fire Pam Peters and Jon Dooley of OSD" due to the fact that I do not mention him as doing anything wrong. Likewise, he has also been removed from the petition.

While I do not mention him doing anything in particular, I still believe that he should be held accountable as he does have a supervisory role over Pam Peters and is thus also to blame for a lot of what is wrong with OSD.

When I first posted that entry, I did not think that it would circulate that quickly and be linked to that soon and was more or less looking for advice as to how my blog looked and the content of my first post from a few individuals.

This is my first day as a blogger and I am still learning how to work this site what exactly it means to be a "blogger". I will do my best to ensure that this doesn't happen again. In retrospect I should have deleted the entire entry, and posted this correction in its place and then followed it up with a new entry that only named Pam Peters. Either way, I will not edit the substance of any future posts.

I apologize for any inconvience that this has caused.